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Urban Living and Your Baby’s Sleep

When deciding to have a baby, many city-dwelling parents question if they should make the move to the country or suburbs to raise a family. However, the reality is that many parents successfully raise their children in some of the busiest cities of America! In fact, raising your child in a busy city has some unique benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.   At Sleep Shop we work with moms in busy urban areas including New York City. We [...]

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Swaddling 101

Swaddling young babies is one of the oldest practices when it comes to infant care. It’s commonly thought that swaddling can soothe your baby and in some cases this is true. Swaddling is thought to replicate the feeling of warmth and comfort the baby experiences in the womb or being held and the wrapping technique can be comforting for some children.   In this article we will discuss the benefits of swaddling and the situations when swaddling should be avoided. [...]

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