Meet Brynne

An elementary school teacher by trade, Brynn knows firsthand what an incredible asset healthy sleep is for young kiddos.

She has experienced the joy and attentiveness of well-rested children, and seen how debilitating lack of sleep can be for little bodies. She knows that research shows incredible benefits for families who have great sleep habits.  She knows that sleep is a life-long skill to learn, and that kiddos need time and space to accomplish this milestone.
However, Brynn also knows firsthand how scary the idea of “sleep training” can be for new parents. When her first-born’s healthy sleep habits flew out the window with his reflux and four month sleep regression, she feared traditional “crying it out” methods and knew there had to be a way to teach a little one to sleep in a gentle way for both babies AND parents. Two kiddos and years of experience later, Brynn brings to each family she works with a Master’s Degree in Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Psychology, and a world’s worth of passion for making families healthier with the rest they ALL need and deserve.
As a certified sleep consultant and mama of two well-rested and joyful babes, Brynn’s ultimate goal is to educate families on the health effects of good sleep for the entire household (research has so much to share!).  She is here to be the support system and reassurance we all need when leading our children into the wonderful world of rest!
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