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Meet Carran

Carran is a wife and mother to three young boys. 

Prior to having children, she lived in New York City working as a publicist.  After moving to Southern California and having her first son, she spent the first four months of Grayson’s life exhausted, frustrated and anxious.  After finally learning some sleep training techniques through books and research and getting on a healthy sleep schedule, her family saw how dramatically life improved when everyone was rested.  Her next child presented a new set of challenges that none of the books could help with, which lead her to meeting Melissa Brown. After a few months of working with Sleep Shop and implementing Melissa’s techniques, Carran’s family was once again well-rested and thriving.

Since then, working with Melissa, Carran learned and successfully implemented techniques for various child developmental stages, which keep healthy sleep habits a cornerstone of her family.   Working with Sleep Shop gave Carran a passion for sleep training and seeing how effective routines can transform a family. Through her own experiences with motherhood and training with Melissa, Carran has learned that each child has unique needs when it comes to learning how to sleep.

Now back in her hometown in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH with three young boys and a husband that travels during the week, Carran prioritizes the same routines she teaches her clients in her own home.  She believes her family essentially trained her for this career and is blessed to have experienced the challenges of sleepless nights because she can understand and empathize with her clients. Her challenges as a new mother gave her such a heart for other young families who may be experiencing similar circumstances and she looks forward to helping them benefit from her own training and experience.