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Meet Jessica

Jessica Cheeley a Certified Sleep Consultant holding a BA in Psychology with an emphasis on early childhood development.

Jess’ experience teaching and then transitioning into the business world has taught her that no matter the work environment infant and toddler sleep is a big point of confusion and frustration for parents. While she spent 5 years teaching at a Montessori school she saw firsthand the way kids thrive when they have boundaries and a routine.

After having 3 kids of her own (4 and under) and learning to establish healthy sleep habits for them she understood why there are so many misconceptions around infant sleep and why people buy into the whole “it’s just the way it is, you don’t sleep the first 2 years”. This is one of the driving forces behind her decision to become sleep certified. She is determined to help new parents see that this is not the way it has to be. With a passion for problem solving and knowledge sharing Jessica is the perfect encourager to have in your corner. She’s patient, empathetic and determined to help you find the rhythm and routine that works for YOU. If working full time and managing a household has taught her anything it’s that lack of sleep makes the everyday responsibilities feel overwhelming and no one should have to function from that place.

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