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Is your baby struggling with short naps or constant night wakings?

We LOVE working one on one with families and being able to provide personalized support with our 30 minute consult.

We first get to know you and your baby and then we provide actionable steps that are age appropriate and tailored specifically to your preferences and your baby’s needs. Because we know all babies are different and respond to this process in their own way we find it is imperative to follow their natural rhythm and momentum and adjust accordingly.

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What people are saying about us

How did I raise my son before I met Melissa?” and “How can I make enough money to have lifetime unlimited support?” are the two questions I am asking myself after my unlimited package with Sleep Shop. No, I don’t need unlimited support because my son isn’t sleeping well, he is sleeping perfectly, but knowing you can text Melissa day or night and chat with her like a best friend (if your best friend is an expert in sleep, parenting and everything else baby) gave me comfort and support like nothing else has in my parenting journey. I have a very demanding job as a lawyer in NYC and just I was returning to work we got hit with the 4-month sleep regression, hard! I was scared I would never sleep again and was not sure I would be able to handle my parenting responsibilities and work responsibilities on a total of 2 hour’s of sleep per night. I reached out to Melissa for help and she was able to get started with us immediately. Her schedule, tips and advice were all invaluable and I noticed a drastic improvement in sleep within a few days. After that, it was just fine tuning to get Hunter sleeping a full 12 hours each night and he’s maintained that ever since. She is a miracle worker and don’t think her advice stops at sleep. Melissa had tips on feeding, introducing solids, playtime and just being an all around supermom. She is a working mom inspiration and it’s worth every penny and then some. Forget the snoo, forget the baby books and apps, all you need is Sleep Shop!

Stefanie | A Litigator from New York City
Working with Melissa was the best decision we made after welcoming our twins. The daily support she provided was so helpful and encouraging, and the tweaks we made to our schedule worked miraculously! With Melissa’s help I had the twins taking 3 reliable naps and sleeping 12 hour stretches at night by 12 weeks. With 3 kids under 2 our life was chaotic, and Melissa helped restore sanity into our lives with a predictable routine and the sleep that we all so desperately needed.
Liz | Newport Beach CA
Melissa Brown once told me, ‘This is the first of many decisions that you will make on their behalf and you are setting the stage for all future boundaries.’ She was right. Thanks SleepShop.
Darcy, San Diego
Hiring Melissa Brown is the best decision that we ever made. Our lives were too busy to think we can do something we’ve never done before without help. She guided us through the first year and enabled Amanda and I to maintain our sanity every time we talked to her. Dylan Rose has been sleeping 12 hours a night since she was 12 weeks old. We can 100% attribute it to the tools and tricks we learned those first few months with Melissa’s program.
Whidden Family, Manhattan Beach
Melissa was extremely helpful from the onset. Most of all, her encouragement and breadth of knowledge reassured me that everything would be okay. She was instrumental in offering sleep suggestions that were unique to my son and she put together a schedule for me.

One of the things I’m most grateful for is Melissa’s availability and responsiveness. She is very committed to her clients. As a first time mom, I have questions about everything. Melissa was always there to help me work through any of my challenges.

Brooke, Encinitas

Your Sleep Guide:  Melissa Brown

 Prior to launching Sleep Shop, Melissa spent several years working with families in a hospital setting, coaching and emotionally supporting patients and their loved ones through some of the most vulnerable times in their lives.

Knowing that life will throw us all enough curve balls without having to worry about unpredictable sleep schedules (and all the challenges that result from sleep deprivation), Melissa has made it her mission to spare as many families from this stress as possible, sharing tried and true techniques she’s honed through study as well as years of personal experience to ensure everyone is getting a good night’s rest!

With a Masters in Pastoral Care & Counseling, as well as her Clinical Pastoral Education certification, Melissa has an ideal background in working with parents and families in times of high stress and/or transition such as bringing a new baby into their family.

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