Meet Melissa, Sleep Shop Founder

Melissa is your partner for infant sleep training and family care, ensuring the first months are as joy-filled as they should be!

Sleep Shop OC Founder - Melissa Brown

As one of six children in her family growing up, Melissa knows what a chaotic household can feel like. While such large families are a little less common these days, as a mother of four young children, Melissa has seen how a household with a few babies and toddlers can feel even more chaotic than a house full of teenagers given the right conditions!

Add lack of sleep – for baby and mom and dad – and it can feel like the family is barely holding it together.

Knowing that life will throw us all enough curve balls without having to worry about unpredictable sleep schedules (and all the challenges that result from sleep deprivation), Melissa has made it her mission to spare as many families from this stress as possible, sharing tried and true techniques she’s honed through study as well as years of personal experience to ensure everyone is getting a good night’s rest!

With a Masters in Pastoral Care & Counseling, as well as her Clinical Pastoral Education certification, Melissa has an ideal background in working with parents and families in times of high stress and/or transition such as bringing a new baby into their family.


 Prior to launching Sleep Shop, Melissa spent several years working with families in a hospital setting, coaching and emotionally supporting patients and their loved ones through some of the most vulnerable times in their lives.

In 2009, Melissa and her husband Eric were blessed with the birth of their first child, Anniston, followed by their son, Grover, a year and a half later.

In February 2014, after having multiple miscarriages, they welcomed their twins, Augusta and Sullivan. Having had the opportunity to work with so many families with multiples, Melissa felt so blessed to be able to experience it herself!

Brown Family - Sleep Shop OC

Melissa and Eric believe that a family is only as strong as the primary relationship from which it grows, and place great value on remaining a team as they deal with the highs and lows of parenting little ones.

Melissa recognized early on that developing healthy sleep habits in her babies (and maintaining those habits through childhood) was one of the most essential ways to protect the health and sanity of the family as a whole.

Today, as a Certified Sleep Consultant, Melissa has developed an approach to sleep training that is, through Sleep Shop, tailored to each individual family’s unique goals and parenting style. Having worked with hundreds of families both locally and internationally, Melissa has become a go-to resource for new parents and seasoned veterans alike, whether helping a family welcome a newborn or implementing a schedule tune-up for toddler. As a mother of multiples, she is particularly adept at ensuring sanity for parents who are welcoming multiples themselves.

And, as is the Sleep Shop way, Melissa truly walks the journey with all of her families to ensure they find peace and joy in what can otherwise be a very chaotic stage of life.

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Brown Family - Sleep Shop OC