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Sleep Shop OC Founder - Melissa Brown

5 tips and products to revamp your sleep routine in the new year

In order to help you discover the best sleep tips, “GMA” reached out to Melissa Brown, sleep expert and founder of Sleep Shop, to help you drift off into dreamland easier in 2022.

Here are 5 soothing bedtime-ready tips and a variety of products designed to support the winks you need to take the year by storm.
5 tips and products to revamp your sleep routine in the new year

Sleep Shop OC Founder - Melissa Brown

Get Your Baby To Sleep With Melissa Brown

So then, an amazing sleep coach named Melissa Brown reached out. & I thought it would be perfect to invite her on the blog. In this post you’ll learn about how she got into sleep coaching, how your child benefits from routine ( all about this! ), & little tips & tricks that can help your little one get a better sleep, & therefore you too!

Sleep Shop OC Founder - Melissa Brown

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Parents of newborns and toddlers know how difficult it can be to get young kids to take consistent naps or sleep through the night. Melissa Brown is a certified sleep consultant who helps tired parents learn the art of sleep for their babies and toddlers. She was at KUSI to talk about babies and sleep.


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For those of you that follow my instagram stories, this will come as no surprise.  Wyatt has been a terrible sleeper from the beginning!  Ugh!  On an average night, he would wake up every 1-3 hours and basically use me as a human pacifier.  Not great for my beauty sleep and not great for my nipples.  Ouch!