Meet Heather

Heather, a Certified Family Sleep Institute Child Sleep Consultant, comes to Sleep
shop with experience helping families with children of all ages develop positive sleep solutions and maintain healthy sleep habits.

Heather - Sleep Shop OC

While pregnant with her first daughter and working with families of young children, Heather quickly learned that consistent sleep for children positively affects the whole family. Heather discovered that when children are provided the opportunity to learn how to sooth themselves, they will also learn how to sleep well.

Believing sleep is the foundation for health, Heather worked diligently to promote sleep for her own children.

Beginning in 2004, Heather was able to take her knowledge and experience and begin helping other parents get their children on a healthy sleep plan. Heather continues to help families solve their child’s sleep challenges, working to create schedules that help babies get the sleep they need.

Having suffered from postpartum depression, Heather also understands firsthand the difficulties of nurturing young children while also caring for self. She is able to provide support for new moms who are struggling emotionally with the challenges of motherhood.

Heather’s commitment to helping families get the sleep they need extends beyond young babies. She also works with families of elementary, middle, and high school children. For many families, their older children suffer with sleep issues as much or more than they had during the baby/ toddler years. By establishing boundaries in the areas of sleep and creating consistent schedules, Heather guides families in improving children’s cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and physical development. Prior to becoming a sleep consultant, Heather worked with teens and families in mentorship programs, as well as working as a corporate recruiter. Heather has her BA Communication Studies and a Master’s in Organizational Development from University of San Diego.