Meet Megan

Megan Pierson brings to Sleep Shop extensive experience in early childhood education and has a passion for assisting children and their families to lead happy and healthy lives.

She holds a BA from USC, Teaching Credentials from CSU Long Beach, and a Masters in Special Education from Chapman University.

While she spent six years at Santa Ana Unified School District, she implemented training programs geared for parents and their preschool-aged children. Megan knows firsthand the positive effect of creating and maintaining schedules and daily routines in promoting healthy living for all children.

Having spent over 400 days in the hospital with her middle child who was born with a severe heart defect, Megan and her husband learned the true importance of parents being a cohesive team and creating quality sleep patterns and schedules for all family members.

After years of research and speaking with doctors and mothers, Megan has recently completed, Yes, You Can!, a Pediatrician backed, easy to follow potty training/sleep routine manual. She teaches sleep, behavior, and potty training classes and also works with individual families throughout the United States. As potty training is one of the first chances children have to show their independence and take pride in their accomplishments, Megan sees this time as a wonderful bonding period for parents and their children.

She gives hope to all parents experiencing the “terrible twos” and having a “threenager”.

Megan Pierson - Sleep Shop OC

Meet Heather

Heather, a Certified Family Sleep Institute Child Sleep Consultant, assists families with children of all ages to develop positive sleep solutions and maintain healthy sleep habits.

Heather - Sleep Shop OC

Heather has been able to take her knowledge and experience and has helped other parents get their children on healthy sleep plans. By establishing boundaries in the areas of sleep and creating consistent schedules, Heather guides families in improving children’s cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and physical development. Heather’s commitment to helping families get the sleep they need extends beyond babies. She also works with families of elementary, middle, and high school children.

Meet Brynne

An elementary school teacher by trade, Brynn knows firsthand what an incredible asset healthy sleep is for young kiddos.

She has experienced the joy and attentiveness of well-rested children, and seen how debilitating lack of sleep can be for little bodies. She knows that research shows incredible benefits for families who have great sleep habits.  She knows that sleep is a life-long skill to learn, and that kiddos need time and space to accomplish this milestone.
However, Brynn also knows firsthand how scary the idea of “sleep training” can be for new parents. When her first-born’s healthy sleep habits flew out the window with his reflux and four month sleep regression, she feared traditional “crying it out” methods and knew there had to be a way to teach a little one to sleep in a gentle way for both babies AND parents. Two kiddos and years of experience later, Brynn brings to each family she works with a Master’s Degree in Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Psychology, and a world’s worth of passion for making families healthier with the rest they ALL need and deserve.
As a certified sleep consultant and mama of two well-rested and joyful babes, Brynn’s ultimate goal is to educate families on the health effects of good sleep for the entire household (research has so much to share!).  She is here to be the support system and reassurance we all need when leading our children into the wonderful world of rest!
Heather - Sleep Shop OC

Meet Jessica

Jessica Hudson is a certified pediatric sleep consultant with a passion for helping families create a happy & healthy home through sleep.

Heather - Sleep Shop OC

Jessica’s experience teaching and then transitioning into the business world has taught her that no matter the work environment infant and toddler sleep is a big point of confusion and frustration for parents. While she spent 5 years teaching at a Montessori school she saw firsthand the way kids thrive when they have boundaries and a routine.

After having 3 kids of her own (4 and under) and learning to establish healthy sleep habits for them she understood why there are so many misconceptions around infant sleep and why people buy into the whole “it’s just the way it is, you don’t sleep the first 2 years”. This is one of the driving forces behind her decision to become sleep certified. She is determined to help new parents see that this is not the way it has to be. With a passion for problem solving and knowledge sharing Jessica is the perfect encourager to have in your corner. She’s patient, empathetic and determined to help you find the rhythm and routine that works for YOU. If working full time and managing a household has taught her anything it’s that lack of sleep makes the everyday responsibilities feel overwhelming and no one should have to function from that place.

Meet Jessica

Jessica Cheeley a Certified Sleep Consultant holding a BA in Psychology with an emphasis on early childhood development.

As the mom of three children, Jessica quickly learned the importance of good sleep for the health of her babies, her own health and her marriage. They all thrive when everyone is well rested.  She also saw that though each child had a very different personality, they all responded positively to routine and learning to self-soothe.

With her first child, Jessica experienced some post partum anxiety and depression, as well as breastfeeding issues (they often go hand in hand).  A researcher at heart, thanks to a journalism background, she immersed herself in studying health and wellness.  Over the years she’s learned even more about the value of sleep on health, as well as other tips and tricks for staying healthy as a busy mom, using nutrition to increase milk supply, and helping moms get the energy they all need to survive life with little ones.  Her knowledge is a gift to so many moms.

Each child and each mom need something a little different.  Jessica loves getting to know families and putting together a plan that fits their needs.  Her knowledge reaches far beyond just sleep training and she looks forward to sharing it with others.

Heather - Sleep Shop OC