Meet Megan

Having faced and gracefully handled some of life’s most challenging situations, Megan Pierson brings to SleepShop an extensive experience in early childhood education and has a passion for assisting children and their families to lead happy and healthy lives.

After Megan obtained a BA in Communications from USC, teaching credentials from Cal State Long Beach, and her Master’s Degree in Special Education from Chapman University, she spent six years at Santa Ana Unified School District as an early childhood teacher specializing in children with Autism.

During this time, she also played a major role developing and implementing training programs geared for parents and their preschool-aged children with moderate to severe autism.

Through this experience, Megan developed a deep compassion for helping improve the emotional development of children with special needs. She saw firsthand the positive effect of creating and maintaining schedules and daily routines in promoting healthy living for all children.

In 2007, Megan and her husband Christopher were blessed with the birth of their first daughter, Elle. Then in 2009, their second daughter, Saylor, was born with an undiagnosed severe heart defect. Saylor underwent numerous heart surgeries and other procedures requiring over 400 days of hospitalization.

Having spent time with her daughter in the NICU, PICU, and Cardiac ICU, Megan and her husband realized the true importance of parents being a cohesive team and creating quality sleep patterns and schedules for all family members.

Megan Pierson - Sleep Shop OC

She has personally counseled many mothers around the country who have undergone similar experiences with their medically fragile newborns. Creating consistent sleep habits for children can be crucial in keeping them healthy as well as fostering their development.
In 2014, the third daughter, Scotlyn (Scottie), joined their family.

Megan and Christopher have gained new joy in welcoming a healthy baby and do not for one moment take for granted the blessing of family.

After years of research and speaking with doctors and mothers, Megan has recently completed, Yes, You Can!, a Pediatrician backed, easy to follow potty training/sleep routine manual. She has been potty training toddlers and teaching potty training classes all over the United States. As potty training is one of the first chances children have to show their independence and take pride in their accomplishments, Megan sees this time as a wondering bonding period for parents and their children.

Having successfully implemented quality sleep and behavior patterns for all three of her girls, including the stresses and delicate issues that come with a medically fragile daughter, Megan brings her compassion for empowering parents to create positive and life lasting bonds with their infants and toddlers.

Working with families to establish positive and predictable daytime routines, creating individualized nighttime sleep schedules and charts, tackling challenging behaviors, and supporting parents through raising a toddler; Megan gives hope to all parents experiencing the “terrible twos” and having a “threenager”.