Meet Natalie

Natalie knows and understands the emotional ups and downs that can come with having a baby, and how sleep deprivation can make life seem unmanageable.

Natalie Fitzgerald - Sleep Shop OC

After Natalie and her husband Danny welcomed their first child, Connor, in 2012, Natalie faced some difficult months ahead struggling with her own postpartum depression, maintaining milk supply, preparing for and going back to work, and a tough physical recovery after an emotionally and physically challenging birth. Having consistent routines and a sleep schedule that helped her son sleep through the night early on was one of the only ways she survived those months.

Natalie started helping friends who reached out for infant sleep advice only to find they were having the same success.

It became her passion to work with families – together developing sustainable routines and schedules aligned with each parenting style, while meeting the unique needs of these babies – universally and perhaps most importantly, the need for sleep!

Natalie and Danny were blessed with the births of their daughters Kate, in 2014, and then Makenna in 2017, and as Natalie’s family grew so did her devotion to helping families during the perinatal period. In February 2017, Natalie completed an intensive Postpartum Doula training through DONA International and is currently completing her certification. Natalie is trained in postpartum adjustment and recovery; newborn characteristics, care, feeding, and development; parent-infant bonding; and infant soothing and coping skills for new parents, in addition to her expertise in infant sleep.

Before working with families as a Sleep Consultant and Postpartum Doula, Natalie was a teacher, where she learned the importance of routines and how they help kids and teens thrive. In implementing the same philosophy with her babies, Natalie knows babies are no different, and the earlier they learn routines and what to expect, the easier the adjustment can be on everyone.