Do you have trouble getting your baby to sleep at night? Have you tried every tactic under the sun and it’s just not working for you or your beautiful baby? If you’re living in the New York City area and need help getting your baby to sleep through the night then Sleep Shop is the perfect match for you! We offer customized solutions to hard-working parents because we understand how important it is for you and your baby to get your rest.

We have made it our mission to spare as many families from the stress of staying up all night by sharing our tried and true techniques honed through study as well as years of personal experience. The first few months of parenthood should be an enjoyable experience for mothers and fathers. We want to make sure that happens for you!

sleep help for babies nyc

Why won’t my baby sleep?

As your baby continues to grow it’s important to understand that their sleep patterns will change and grow with them. Babies before the age of 3 months old on average are typically supposed to sleep 16-17 hours per day while babies from 4-6 months old should be sleeping 12-16 hours per day. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services stated that it’s normal for babies to sleep a lot and they start really developing their sleeping cycle at about six months of age. So it can be very frustrating and confusing when as a parent, you aren’t able to get your baby to comfortably rest especially while raising them in a city as busy as New York. Your baby’s uneasiness could be due to something simple such as a need for better sleep hygiene or their problem could require a bit more attention. Here are some possible reasons why your baby is having trouble sleeping:

● Scheduling Issues

● Exhaustion

Crib Transition

● Hunger

● Discomfort


Separation Anxiety

● Room Temperature

Regressive Bedtime Habits

Why Good Sleep is Important for Babies and Parents

Sleep is an extremely important aspect of your overall health and wellness. If your baby isn’t sleeping that means that you as a parent also are not sleeping. In order for you to be able to give your baby the best life you possibly can, you have to also remember to take care of yourself. A parent’s lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, hormonal changes, a weakened immune system, and lack of concentration. Sleep deprivation can potentially put you and your baby in harm’s way when you’re doing simple day-to-day tasks such as cooking or driving. Sleep is also important for your baby’s functionality. You want to establish early sleeping habits with your baby in order to avoid potential problems such as obesity, poor academic performance, and learning difficulties. Be sure to educate yourself on early child development and remember that consistency is key to establishing a strong sleep schedule for your little one.

How Can a Sleep Consultant Help My Baby and I?

Sleep consultants are infant and toddler sleep experts that can help families get their nights
back to normal by providing in-home or remote sleep training. In-home consultants especially
are helpful if you have a busy schedule in your day-to-day life. They can provide both peace of
mind and the supportive care needed for you and your baby to get back on track permanently.
SleepShop works with many certified sleep consultants that have developed a special approach
to sleep training. We tailor our techniques to each individual family’s unique parenting style and
goals. We help families ensure they find peace and joy in what can otherwise be a very chaotic
and stressful stage of life. Sleep Shop offers a multitude of services to make sure you find the
perfect fit for what you need in your home. Our services include:

One on One Unlimited Counseling
Sleep Class
Phone Consultations
1 Week Jump Start or Tune Up
2 Weeks Consulting
Toddler Total Reset
● Toddler Tune Up

We also offer manuals and guides that you can order straight to your home! These tips and
tricks are the key to help you and your little one get some rest!

● Infant Sleep Guide
● The Mini Toddler Nap Guide
● Surviving & Thriving Toddler Sleep Guide
● The Perfect Combination: Potty Training Manual

sleep help for babies nyc

How do I choose the right sleep consultant?

Choosing the right sleep consultant in New York City can feel challenging, especially when you’re exhausted! Our team has multiple specialists on staff to meet your needs. We will conduct a pre-consultation with you prior to your official consultation to determine a program and specialist that is right for you so you get the best personalized care for you and your baby.

About Sleep Shop

Sleep Shop is led by Melissa, a mother of four, and is a member of the International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.

We offer sleep consulting services in all of New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Flat Iron District, Turtle Bay, Tribeca, Upper East Side, Soho, Staten Island, and the greater NYC area. Contact us today to learn more.