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The hustle and bustle of New York City can make it feel impossible to raise a baby and with your busy lifestyle, getting a full night’s rest is absolutely essential. So you’ve decided it’s time to start sleep training your baby, but where do you even start? Here are some helpful tips you should try when it comes to sleep training your baby in the Big Apple.

sleep training help nyc

Understanding Your Baby’s Cues

Learning the language of your baby takes a lot of time and patience so don’t be discouraged if you’re still working on trying to decipher your baby’s cues. It’s perfectly normal! Start paying attention to the differences in your baby’s body language when they are hungry, tired, or needing to potty. Learning these cues can help you get to a deeper understanding of what your child needs so that you can tend to them faster. It’s also a great way to establish a more intimate and trusting bond with your baby because they will start to really believe that they can depend on you to help them whenever they need you. Some typical cues babies might do in order to signal that they are tired include:

● Yawning
● Rubbing their eyes
● Pulling their ears
● Closing their fists
● Difficulty focusing
● Arching backwards
● Sucking on their fingers

Setting A Routine

After a long day of strolling through Central Park or visiting the American Museum of Natural History, it’s finally time to wind down and get your little one to sleep. The best way to help your child sleep through the night is having a set routine that you always stick to! Consistency is the key! Babies respond very well to it because it helps them trust you and the process when sleeping alone. You have to build trust between the two of you so that they know that no matter where they sleep, you will always be here to support them and be there for them when they need you. Once you have established that level of trust with your baby during bedtime hours, getting them to sleep will become so much easier! Here are some suggestions of great activities you can add to your bedtime routine right now:

● In the beginning, you can try waiting with them until they fall asleep (eventually you can reduce the time you stay in the room as needed)
● Read them a bedtime story
● Make sure everything in the room is organized just the way they like it before bed
● Give them a warm bath
● Sing them a very specific lullaby

If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night even after doing your usual routine, this doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

It’s actually very normal especially in the beginning stages of sleep training. They could just need a nightly feeding or a diaper change. If you have a nightly feeding, try keeping them as sleepy as possible throughout the feed. Don’t turn on the lights and halfway through change their diaper and then go back to finishing the feed. This way it will be easier for them to sleep again once it’s time. If they still have trouble falling back asleep, repeat your normal routine until they fall asleep again. This can require much patience in the beginning, but over time sleeping through the night will become easier for them and the extra step will most likely no longer be required.

sleep training nyc

Why You Should Hire A Sleep Consultant

Are you so sleep deprived that it’s hard for you to function properly during the day? Have you tried multiple different methods to get your baby to sleep through the night and had little to no success? Do you feel alone and isolated while trying to get your baby to sleep? If you said yes to any of these questions then it’s time for you to get some professional guidance. Sleep consultants are infant and toddler sleep experts that can help families get their nights back to normal by providing in-home or remote sleep training. In-home consultants are especially helpful if you have a busy schedule in your day to day life. They can provide peace of mind, supportive care and above all, long-term solutions.

SleepShop works with many certified sleep consultants that have developed a special approach to sleep training. We tailor our techniques to each individual family’s unique parenting style and goals. We help families ensure they find peace and joy in what can otherwise be a very chaotic and stressful stage of life. We have multiple staff members available in the New York City area that are ready to fit your exact needs! Sleep Shop offers a multitude of services to make sure you find the perfect fit for what you need in your home. Our services include:

One on One Unlimited Counseling
Sleep Class
Phone Consultations
1 Week Jump Start or Tune Up
2 Weeks Consulting
Toddler Total Reset
Toddler Tune Up

We also offer manuals and guides that you can order straight to your home! These tips and tricks are the key to help you and your little one get some rest!
Infant Sleep Guide
The Mini Toddler Nap Guide
Surviving & Thriving Toddler Sleep Guide
The Perfect Combination: Potty Training Manual

About The Sleep Shop

The Sleep Shop is led by Melissa, a mother of four, and is a member of the International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.

We offer one-on-one unlimited consulting, sleep classes with our founder, phone consultations, 1-week jumpstarts, infant sleep guides, 2 weeks of consulting, toddler nap guides, toddler sleep guides, toddler total resets, and “the toddler tune-up”.

We offer sleep consulting services in all of New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Flat Iron District, Turtle Bay, Tribeca, Upper East Side, Soho, Staten Island, and the greater NYC area.

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