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Finding yourself with a fussy toddler at bedtime can be both frustrating and confusing for any parent. After the beautiful but often tumultuous time of infancy, many parents look forward to finally enjoying a good night’s sleep as their child gets older. But when your little one suddenly doesn’t want to sleep or is walking into your room in the middle of the night—what are you to do?

The truth is that toddler sleep problems are more common than many parents think. There are many reasons your child can be struggling to settle down and/or stay asleep. However, if the stress and exhaustion of dealing with your sleepless child are affecting your day-to-day life, there is help available.

For busy NYC moms, good rest is important to parent, work, and function optimally. The Sleep Shop has expert toddler sleep consultants in New York City to help parents get their sleep schedules back on track.

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Understanding toddler sleep regression

Toddler sleep problems are unique and often related to developmental milestones. Things like teething, growth spurts, stress, newfound independence, and other factors can all contribute to your little one’s new sleeping problems.

Signs of sleep regressions include:
• Waking at night
• Refusal to go to sleep at night/stalling bedtime
• Refusal to nap
• Fear of sleeping
• Escaping the bed

Sleep regression can be temporary depending on the causation, but if you find that sleep problems are drawing out it may be time to ask for help.

What you can do about toddler sleep problems

As with every stage of your child’s life—consistency and routine are essential. Maintaining a bedtime routine or establishing one can help to get your child’s sleep back on track more quickly. This also applies for mid-night wakings.

While it can be tempting to stay up with your upset toddler or let them sleep in your bed, taking them back to bed and settling them down is the best way to ensure they know that nighttime and their bed means it’s time to sleep.

Also, consider the things that could be contributing to your toddler’s sleep problems and if there is anything you can do to add stability to your little one’s routine.

toddler sleep consultant new york city

How a Sleep Consultant in New York City Can Help

If you’ve tried multiple things to try and get you and your toddler’s sleep back on track, a sleep consultant can be the supportive element you need to finally establish a healthy, lasting routine. Sleep consultants offer in-home support for parents and can give immediate relief to exhausted mothers and fathers.

A sleep consultant will work with both you and your toddler to help you find freedom in a sleeping schedule through proven techniques, coaching, and finding a routine that works for your entire family.


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