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Your child’s toddler years certainly come with their own unique challenges—defiance, picky eating, tantrums, and other not-so-fun milestones are all things that parents of children 1-3 are very familiar with. What many parents look forward to about this age though is the chance to finally get some much-needed sleep once again after the exhausting months of infancy. So when your toddler refuses to go to bed, won’t nap, or is waking frequently throughout the night it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly.


First, if your toddler is having sleep problems—don’t worry and don’t feel guilty. Toddler sleep problems and sleep regression are normal. One study found that a third of toddlers stall at bedtime, so you definitely aren’t alone.


At Sleep Shop we are dedicated to helping New York City parents get their infants’ and toddlers’ sleep habits on track so that the whole family can be rested. If you’ve tried solutions and need help, we’re here for you to offer resources and even in-person help.


toddler sleep help nyc


Common Toddler Sleep Problems


While there are hundreds of products on the market that will claim to miraculously lull your child back to bed, the true and best way to get your child to sleep is to find what is causing their sleeplessness and fix the root of the problem.


There are many reasons that could be causing your toddler to be having problems falling or staying asleep. Whether your child is procrastinating, is afraid to go to sleep, or is to energetic to sleep—there are solutions in every circumstance.

Common reasons for toddler sleep disruptions include:

  • There is not an established bedtime routine
  • Your child is over-tired
  • Lifestyle changes(recent move, a new baby, parental separation)
  • They’re afraid(having nightmares or night terrors)
  • They have separation anxiety

These are by no means all of the reasons your toddler can be having trouble sleeping, but evaluating how you are putting your toddler to bed and potential causes for why they may be waking is a good start.


Get Toddler Sleep Help in NYC 


If your toddler is having sleep issues you don’t have to just “wait it out.” In fact, it is crucial that you be proactive to instill healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime. Good rest is an important part of overall wellness for both you and your child.


Creating a routine in which your child wakes and sleeps at the same time every day can get them into the habit of knowing when to start winding down. It is important that prior to bedtime you create a calming environment so that your child has a chance to get sleepy and ready for bed.


For children with separation anxiety, it can be helpful for a parent to tuck them into bed and have a special bonding bedtime routine with them as they learn to soothe themselves to sleep.


If your child is having nightmares and comes to you, it is okay to calm your little one down and comfort them. However, once they are calm put them back to bed and give them an item of support, such as a plush animal, to let them know they are safe.


If you need extra support, experts like our specialists at Sleep Shop in New York City can offer in-home care for you and your toddler to ensure you both get your rest.



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