• This 50 page complete sleep guide for ages 1.5-4 years covers all aspects of toddler sleep. From sleep regressions, creating the ideal sleep environment, signs your child is ready to give up the nap, to transitioning to the “big kid” bed and ways to beat the bedtime struggle, most of your toddler questions will be answered here! Included in this guide are charts, sample schedules, and a toddler sleep journal to ensure you have all the resources needed to get your child back on track and sleeping. This guide should be purchased before a consult or package!
  • A 30-minute consultation to discuss challenging behaviors you may be experiencing with your toddler and offer tools to help make improvements. This includes the 50 page Toddler Sleep Guide.
  • In this mini (20 page guide), I will lead you through transitioning your toddler from 2 naps a day, to 1 nap a day , to quiet time. You will feel confident in knowing when and how to transition your toddler through dropping naps with this step-by-step guide. Included in this nap guide, are charts to use with your child.
  • Toddler Sleep Guide and Yes, You Can! Potty Training Manual

    A WIN WIN combination for every toddler parent! Over 100 pages focusing on all aspects of toddler sleep and potty training. Let’s get your child sleeping well and use my step by step potty training manual to take your toddler from READINESS to SUCCESS.
  • This 2 week all inclusive will get your toddler sleeping and back on track.  You will get a downloadable copy of my 50 page Toddler Sleep Guide and unlimited support for two weeks via phone, email, and text. We will set up an initial phone call to discuss all your needs and create a detailed plan moving forward so you feel prepared, empowered and ready.
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