Sleep training is so important in order to get your baby sleeping comfortably through the night. It’s also essential that your baby sleeps so that the rest of the family can get their rest as well. If you’re in a partnership, sleep training should not be a one-person job. It’s common for one parent to primarily do the heavy lifting especially in the early stages of a baby’s life but that doesn’t mean the other partner shouldn’t be helping out in every way they can. This is not an assumption that most households raise their families in a more “traditional” sense. Moms or dads can both be breadwinners in the family, but either way support is an absolute must while raising a child and breadwinner or not, babies are a full time job. So for the sake of this article let’s assume that the Dad is the one who needs to help out more with the baby. What can dads contribute more of, in order to help support their partner and their baby during the sleep training process? Keep reading to find out!

how dads can help with sleep training

Bedtime Routine

One of the most important parts of sleep training is having a proper and consistent bedtime routine. With this routine it is vital that you stay as consistent as possible. Children respond extremely well to what they are familiar with so discuss with your partner what exactly you guys should be doing for your baby’s routine and make sure you are on the same page. Then, decide who gets what tasks during the routine and when. This way your baby is getting used to both of you having a role in putting

them to sleep while also taking some of the pressure off of just one parent being responsible for their entire routine every night. Some great activities dads can do during a bedtime routine include:

  •   Reading a bedtime story
  •  Giving them a warm bath
  •   Help with Teeth Brushing (if required)
  •   Change their diaper
  •   Do the last nightly feed by bottle

Take Turns

Taking turns can make a huge difference in the stress levels between partners. If the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, don’t leave it all on the mom to put them back to sleep. If they need a nightly feeding in the middle of the night, have a bottle prepared before bedtime so it’s easy for the dad to step in and take care of the feeding without needing the mom’s assistance. You can even take turns doing the entire bedtime routine start to finish if that works better for your family. As long as you guys are doing the tasks within the routine the same way and at relatively the same time, your baby will most likely still respond well to the consistency of the routine.Helpful Hint: Consider clearing your schedule for 3-4 days during the beginning of the sleep training process so that you and your partner can fully be there for each other and your child during those first few rough nights.

Have Your Partner’s Back

If the mom is primarily taking care of the baby, it’s your responsibility as a dad to be the strongest support system she can possibly have. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Communication is key. What does your partner need? I guarantee if you ask her, she will tell you exactly what she needs help with. She might just want a break and have you take over for a few hours or maybe she needs you to do a diaper change or feeding. Whatever it is, make yourself available so that your partner doesn’t feel alone. If your baby isn’t sleeping through the night, offer to stay up with her and be there with her. Pop on your favorite Netflix show and make a night out of it so that your partner doesn’t feel isolated and alone. Doing even the smallest things can make a huge difference in strengthening the support system and your bond as partners. Also, make sure you’re both just checking in with each other emotionally and mentally. For first time parents especially, having a new baby is a huge change in your lives. It’s vital that you guys are leaning on each other where you need to so that your baby can lean on you where they need to.


Why A Sleep Consultant Is EXACTLY What You Need

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