It can feel like everything is going perfect with your baby. They are eating, playing, and socializing well, and then comes bedtime. They begin to settle down and just as you leave the room they begin to cry. What’s wrong?

You’re following a routine, ensuring that your baby isn’t overtired, and working on independent sleep skills— but your child seems to know the second you leave the room. Separation anxiety is very real and can be a huge impediment in your child’s sleep success.

In this article we will help you understand separation anxiety, why it happens, what you can expect, and how you can deal with it at any age. Our Los Angeles sleep experts will help you by giving you tips to combat separation anxiety and restore rest in your home again!


What is separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety can begin in children as early as six months of age, however, typically peaks between 10-18 months. Separation anxiety will not begin until your child understands the concept of object permanence, or the understanding that things exist even when your child cannot see them. Even though your baby may understand this concept, it’s important to note that they still do not understand that when you leave they do not know where you are going or when you are coming back.

So, now that you understand separation anxiety, how do you deal with it?


Dealing with separation anxiety

Coping with this new stage can feel challenging, but it can be managed. First and foremost, it is important to maintain your current routine or to establish one if you have not already.

Make sure that you put other things in place to ensure your child can easily fall asleep at night as well, such as keeping her from becoming overtired.

Offering your child extra support at bedtime as well can also be helpful as they begin to understand more. Let your child know that you will be leaving and that it is time to sleep.

Say goodnight in a comforting but firm way as you leave.


Be Patient and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Support

Dealing with separation anxiety can feel overwhelming. If trying to soothe your little one is causing you to become exhausted or overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Our Los Angeles sleep consultants are experts in dealing with common problems like separation anxiety in both infants and toddlers.


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