Bringing someone into your home to help care for your baby is a huge deal, especially for many New Yorkers. When it comes to hiring a night nanny, there are many factors to consider. First and foremost, this person is going to be around a lot, so it is crucial that you not only trust them with your newborn, but also that you can tolerate their presence.

Through my own experience, I’ve learned the importance of a family’s approach to setting boundaries with a night nanny and it really does make all the difference. As a parent, hiring someone to take care of your newborn through the night is a big step, and when that step is taken it is absolutely crucial to work together with your night nanny to figure out what you are and are not comfortable with. Yes, night nannies have a lot of experience when it comes to caring for newborns through the night, but at the end of the day they are caring for YOUR baby and there may be certain things that you want to be done differently. This is okay, you are absolutely entitled to raising your baby on your terms. At the same time, it can also be good to trust the advice and guidance provided by your night nanny because they are there to help you. Reaching the perfect balance with your night nanny will take time, but the end goal is to help them understand the boundaries you set while simultaneously filling them with confidence in their abilities.

The Importance of Creating a Schedule for your Baby

Often times, the experience a night nanny brings can feel intimidating for new moms, but this should be a non-issue. They are hired to care for your baby in the way that you see fit and what works for another baby may not work for your baby. As I remind myself constantly, babies are not robots! Every baby is unique and reacts differently to different methods, you know your baby best so never feel too intimidated to voice a concern or give direction to your night nanny, trust me we are used to it and we are always open to learning more about you and your baby.

Let’s be real, babies are cute, and it can be distracting when certain goals and objectives are in place in terms of their schedule and yours. Nannies spend time establishing a loving relationship with your baby and yes, it is totally normal to feel jealous, but remember no one loves your baby as you do. You are their mom, and you are irreplaceable. A nanny’s love is a gift, it ensures that your baby will never feel an absence of love when you are away!

For a lot of moms, whether working or stay at home, keeping a certain schedule for your baby is critical, it establishes normalcy for you and your baby. So if there is ever a moment where your nanny wants to take your baby for a walk in Central Park or to music at Little Maestro’s, but that may interrupt their feeding schedule, speak up. Your schedule with your baby is important. What happens during the day will not only impact your evenings when you are off work and home with your little one, it will also affect the nights for your newborn. If your nanny takes your baby for a long walk and they miss out on some crucial nap time, this may start a bad cycle of sleeping habits.

How to Set the Schedule for your Nanny

The best way to set up a schedule for your baby in the eyes of your nanny is by hanging that schedule on the fridge. This will set clear guidelines for them with respect to your baby’s food or nap schedule during the day or night that way there is less room for error. It also gives your nanny the opportunity to plan ahead with respect to planning fun activities with your baby around their napping and eating schedule. Having a schedule to follow is not a dictatorship it’s breeding consistency and security within your child. Babies and children alike THRIVE on routine and regardless of the caregiver your baby knows what to expect and they tend to fall easily into that routine.

Remember, if there is anything you ever need from your night nanny, just ask. They are there to support you and your baby as best as they can. Always bring up issues early so a habit isn’t established in your newborn and make sure to approach it with your nanny in the kind and loving way they would approach ideas or questions with you. Your nanny loves your baby, all they want is for you both to be happy so always remember, kindness goes a long way.