Has your sweet toddler who normally is a star sleeper suddenly become defiant at bedtime? If your once restful baby is suddenly having trouble staying asleep through the night, it is easy to worry that something is wrong, but there is a common reason for what you may be experiencing.


Toddler sleep regression is a phenomena that typically occurs around 18 months, 2 years old, and 3 years old (but it can happen at any time). Your little one may suddenly do things such as try to escape the bed, wake up frequently at night, or try to fight going to sleep.


In this article we will discuss the basics of toddler sleep regression and what you can expect if you are dealing with a toddler who is making a fuss at nap or bedtime.


What causes toddler sleep regression?

Social emotional development, acquisition of new concepts, theories and skills – all distract your little one from relaxing into sleep.  They are distracted by an idea, concept or skill which is more exciting at the time then going to sleep.


Signs of Toddler Sleep Regression

Some things to look out for if you are concerned you may be dealing with toddler sleep regression include:

  • Bedtime resistance
  • Night waking
  • Early morning wake ups
  • Nap resistance

Your toddler is discovering his or her independence for the first time and will assert it in many ways, including at bedtime.


How long will it last?

Toddler sleep regression typically only lasts a few weeks at time. While it may feel challenging in the moment, this time will pass, so tune into your little one’s emotions and be patient!


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