When you find yourself with a toddler who stalls or refuses to go to bed at night or at naptime, it’s easy to get frustrated and confused. After the months of infancy, most parents look forward to hopefully getting their sleep back on track, so toddler sleep problems are usually not welcome.

At Sleep Shop we are dedicated to helping New York City parents get their infants’ and toddlers’ sleep habits on track so that the whole family can be rested. If you’ve tried solutions and need help, we’re here for you to offer resources and even in-person help.

Common Toddler Sleep Problems

why wont my toddler sleep 

The best way to get your toddler back to sleep is to find out what is causing them to have trouble in the first place. During toddler ages, there are many changes happening within your little one’s world that can cause sleep disturbances.

Common reasons for toddler sleep disruptions include:

  • Growth spurts
  • There is not an established bedtime routine
  • Your child is over-tired
  • Lifestyle changes(recent move, a new baby, parental separation)
  • They’re afraid(having nightmares or night terrors)
  • They have separation anxiety

What you can do 

Tired parents don’t have to just wait out the exhausting nights. It’s more helpful to both you and your child to find out what is causing sleeplessness and to establish a healthy, lasting routine.

Furthermore, the more you establish healthy habits the easier it will be when your child has changes in their life that can affect sleep such as stress, growth, or transitional periods.

If you need supportive help, a toddler sleep consultant may be the extra thing to add peace and stability back into your home. Toddler sleep consultants are experts in good sleep habits and can bring better sleep back into your home from the first night.

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