At Sleep Shop, we love a good app, especially one that makes our lives as new moms and dads easier! Read on for a list of 5 of our favorite apps for babies and new parents.

1. Nest – With the Nest app, not only can you watch baby sleep soundly through the night (and during naps!) but you can control your home’s thermostat and smoke / carbon monoxide alarms. To use as a baby monitor, just set up your camera in a secure location near the baby’s crib, download the app, sync the two, and you have yourself a modern-day baby monitor.

2. BabyLoggy – Keep an eye on all of of baby’s daily activities (feedings, dirty diapers, sleep time, and more) with this simple app. It even provides you with a report at the end of the month so you can see just how many hours you spent pumping!

3. Baby Pics – Document baby’s milestones with this fun app. Capture baby’s first kick, first steps, monthly birthdays, messy moments, first day at school, and more. Then add the app’s adorable artwork & treasure the special moment forever. Easy to share on Facebook and Instagram!

4. Wonder Weeks – This app is one we find especially useful in terms of infant sleep. Just like babies go through physical growth spurts, they go through mental growth spurts, or “leaps”, that can affect naptime and nighttime sleep. Find out what you can expect and when with this app.

5. Sound Sleeper – What do you do when you’ve forgotten your SpaHomedics sound machine? Download the Sound Sleeper! With dozens of ‘white-noises’ to choose from, your baby will sleep soundly thanks to this app.Sleep Shop

A few honorable mentions:

Think Dirty – This app gives 1000s of products a ‘health’ score. From sunscreen to detergent, scan a product before you purchase to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your baby’s personal care products.

The Bump – Get daily pregnancy information, baby advice and parenting tips through the Bump app.

And to get your baby sleeping through the night… Contact Sleep Shop. 🙂