Sleep training isn’t just for your baby

Are you experiencing a continual lack of sleep since having your baby? Extended periods of time with sleep deprivation can have a major impact on your health and wellness. I’ll keep this post as focused as possible — knowing that even your attention span and ability to retain info is compromised because of your lack of sleep. I understand, I have clients everyday messaging me for help because their lives, health, and work have been severely compromised because they are continually trying to function on so little sleep. As a new mother, you need to sleep almost as much as your precious baby. Your body needs rest to recover from the trauma of birth (and nine months of pregnancy). It also needs sleep to help regulate your hormones which can attribute to postpartum depression and your metabolism which impacts your weight loss. Mentally you need more sleep so you can think clearly and function for [...]

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Empower Your Baby With Independent Sleep

Want to help your baby have the best start to life? A life where your baby feels confident, capable, and well-rested? Imagine how that will make you feel too. If that sounds good to you, keep reading. Why is learning independent sleep is so important for babies? Babies who have learned and developed a process for independent sleep are capable of putting themselves to sleep at the start of the night. As well as in the middle of the night, when they wake up due to sleep disruption. Do you realize what this means? Your baby will have developed the skills needed to put themselves back to sleep. That’s a great way to help them feel more capable and confident in their own abilities. Why this matters for your baby Independent sleep is one of the most empowering ways you can equip your baby at this young age. There are not many things your baby can [...]

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Why is sleep training so hard?

Trying to get your baby to sleep on their own but not having the success you desire? Does your baby keep fighting your efforts and refuse to sleep anywhere besides on your chest? First, let me say, I understand and I have some advice to help you through this journey. So keep on reading. Secondly, you are not alone. Please show yourself some grace right now. Sleep training is something I specialize in, but it is a new skillset for you and your baby. And, unlike how you feel about laying down at night, your baby does not take well to being put down to sleep on their own. But we can change that! With your baby, even if they are tired and cranky, some just struggle learning to fall asleep on their own. It's a skill that takes time and once they learn it it is a skill they don't forget! So despite the [...]

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Remembering Our Babies

Remembering Our Babies As many of you know October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. Though I feel so privileged to work with families and babies from all over the world, I know that not every couple’s journey to parenthood is free from struggle and loss. This month we are reminded to remember and pray for all the parents out there grieving the loss of their baby or babies and honor all those little lives that were taken so soon. Before I became a Sleep Consultant I worked in a hospital as a Hospital Chaplain. I did baptisms for babies that only had moments to live. I blessed babies that never were able to take their first breath. I held hands and held hearts of complete strangers as we stared at the precious child that they were never going to be able to take home to that perfect nursery they’d already spent hours sitting [...]

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We have loved helping families get their little ones on more consistent schedules and sleeping through the night. There is nothing better than hearing from clients how much freedom the schedule has given them, or how happy and adjusted their baby is from being on a routine.



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