The Toddler Bedtime Routine

As your little one enters the exciting, but often chaotic time of toddlerhood, bed time may start to look a little different. As your child changes so do their needs and with every passing month their needs for rest can differ.   With your child beginning to talk, walk, and understand the world around them better, there are many new exciting things you can bring into their routine to enhance their development and foster a healthy sleep environment.   In [...]

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Toddler Sleep Help

Though tiny, toddlers have a lot going on! They are learning about the world around them and discovering many new things for the first time. All of this exploring and development has a massive impact on your little one's sleep. You may have noticed that your child's sleep needs don't look the same as the first day you brought him or her home from the hospital. While some nights may look far better, you may be dealing with entirely new [...]

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Baby Sleep Cycles

When it comes to the developmental needs of your child, sleep is at the top of the list next to nutrition. From the time you bring your newborn home to when he or she turns a year old, their sleep needs will change drastically—and these needs will change even more as they enter into toddlerhood. However, understanding your baby’s needs and how they communicate tiredness can help both you and your little one get better rest and get sleep through [...]

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Why is my baby taking short naps?

Putting your little one down to take a nap, only to have her wake up 30 minutes later, can be very frustrating! Our babies don’t get the amount of sleep they need, and as parents we start worrying. Catnaps are naps that are anything less than 45 minutes. They are not considered restorative sleep, as she only stays in the “light sleep” part and doesn’t really enter the “deep sleep” phase. While she’ll wake up and seem like she’s ready [...]

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