At Sleep Shop, we have tried almost every swaddle / pacifier / bassinet / baby product on the market. After years of research and hundreds of babies, we have come up with a list of our favorite products for a newborn. Keep reading for the 2016’s Best of Baby Products according to our infant sleep consultants.

  1. Best Baby Swaddle – Miracle Swaddle – making sure baby is nice and snug is key for a good night sleep. When swaddled properly, the Miracle Swaddle helps to prevent a midnight breakout and keeps baby comforted and sleeping soundly.
  2. Best Sound Machine – Spa Homedics – white noise sounds like home to a baby. They’ve just spent their entire life in the womb, which is deafeningly loud (it is just slightly less loud than a lawnmower). Life outside the womb is uncomfortably quiet. White noise is a source of comfort and can contribute to uninterrupted daytime and nighttime sleep.Sleep Shop
  3. Best Place to Sleep – Rock n Play – we like that the Rock n Play’s tilts at an incline, which can aid baby’s digestion. It is also portable, easy to set up, and many have vibrating features to soothe a restless baby (but don’t leave it on vibrate for too long, we don’t want to create a sleep crutch!).
  4. Best Pacifier – Wubbanub – take our favorite Soothie pacifier and add a cute, small stuffed animal that can help the pacifier stay in place, and we are sold!
  5. Best Jammies – Kicky Pants – they are light weight but still keep baby’s hands and feet warm. They are perfect to wear under a swaddle without overheating baby. They are stretchy and thin and the patterns are adorable!

Now that baby is prepped and ready to sleep through the night, feel free to contact our infant sleep consultants to learn how to make a 12 hour night’s sleep a reality.