The last few weeks of a woman’s pregnancy can be a stressful time – but it doesn’t have to be! From our list of what to buy to prepare for baby (insert link) to what to pack for the hospital, we’ve got you covered.

When packing your hospital bag, don’t forget these 10 hospital essentials:

1.     Driver’s license – although some hospitals let you pre-register, it can’t hurt to have your driver’s license on you!

2.     Toiletry bag – toothbrush, shower essentials. That first shower post-baby may feel like the best shower of your life, especially if you have your favorite products by your side. When it comes to toothbrushes, maybe pack an extra for your hubby and/or other loved ones who will be assisting you during labor!

3.     Comfy pants – we love a cozy pair of Lululemon’s to slip on after that first shower!

4.     Socks – the warmer and fuzzier, the better!

5.     Bathrobe – as you are learning to feed your baby and dealing with EVERYTHING else physically after you have had the baby, a robe is an easy way to stay warm but also cover up as visitors pop in and out.

Infant Sleep Consulting Packages & Services6.     Belly band – you’ll want to start wearing this as soon as you get the go-ahead from your doctor.

7.     Cell phone and cell phone charger – so you can share the news via social media as soon as possible (without fear of your battery dying J).

8.     Camera – a lot of us use our cell phones as our cameras, but an extra camera can never hurt!

9.     Baby’s first outfit – for the car ride home (or for those first few photos)

10. Pillow – Hospital beds are the the comfiest so your own pillow might make you feel more at home.

We recommend packing your bag 4 weeks before your due date and placing it by your front door, in the trunk of your car, or any place where it’s easy to get to and remember.

For additional baby prep assistance, contact one of our infant sleep specialists today!