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Meet Heather

Heather Walker is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. She holds a BA in Communication Studies from Cal State Northridge, a teaching credential from UC Irvine, and a Masters Degree in Education from UC Irvine. She taught elementary school before starting her own family.

Heather is a mom to two little ones, ages 2 and 4. She started using sleep training techniques immediately after her son was born with help from Melissa. Her son took well to sleep training and Heather felt like the transition to motherhood was more seamless with a sense of structure. Heather owns a business and works from home, so getting her babies to sleep on their own was paramount to her business’s success. She found that using a schedule allowed her to get her work done during nap times and she was then able to spend wake times fully embracing new motherhood with her son. When she had her daughter two years later she followed the same sleep training program used with her son and now her family of four gets all of the sleep that they all need.

As a natural born teacher, Heather enjoys sharing and teaching the strategies that she finds useful. When she finds something worthwhile she shares it with everyone she knows which is what brought her to the Sleep Shop team. Heather has seen the impact of good sleep habits and finds that her marriage is able to be nurtured when her family uses schedules and the kids have set boundaries. She has explained to friends and family that sleep does not have to be something that we just are forced to miss out on during early parenthood. Good sleep is good for the entire family! Heather understands that all families are different. She is determined to work alongside your family to create a plan that works for you, at a speed that makes you comfortable.

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