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Meet Jess

Jess Hudson is a certified pediatric sleep consultant with a passion for helping families create a happy & healthy home through sleep.

Jess Hudson- Sleep Shop OC

As the mom of three children, Jessica quickly learned the importance of good sleep for the health of her babies, her own health and her marriage. They all thrive when everyone is well rested.  She also saw that though each child had a very different personality, they all responded positively to routine and learning to self-soothe.

With her first child, Jessica experienced some post partum anxiety and depression, as well as breastfeeding issues (they often go hand in hand).  A researcher at heart, thanks to a journalism background, she immersed herself in studying health and wellness.  Over the years she’s learned even more about the value of sleep on health, as well as other tips and tricks for staying healthy as a busy mom, using nutrition to increase milk supply, and helping moms get the energy they all need to survive life with little ones.  Her knowledge is a gift to so many moms.

Each child and each mom need something a little different.  Jessica loves getting to know families and putting together a plan that fits their needs.  Her knowledge reaches far beyond just sleep training and she looks forward to sharing it with others.