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Meet Jess

Jess Hudson is a certified pediatric sleep consultant with a passion for helping
families create a happy and healthy home through building a great sleep foundation.

Jess Hudson- Sleep Shop OC

As a mom of three children, Jess has learned the importance of good sleep for the health of her babies, her own health, and her marriage. They all thrive when everyone has had quality sleep. She’s also learned through her time raising three kids, as well as working with hundreds of other babies, that each one is so different and will need a little something different to learn the strong independent sleep skills that will stick with them forever.

Jess is a certified pediatric sleep consultant who has been working with families for more than 10 years to support parents through the early days and into toddlerhood as they navigate the ups and downs that come with sleep. She is also a certified health and nutrition coach, which helps her seek out what underlying issues a baby may have that can disrupt sleep, and ensures the entire family is taking the best steps to help their family be truly well and rested.

Jess takes a very customized approach to each baby and each family she works with to ensure everyone is comfortable along the way. Her goal is not only to fix any sleep issues the family faces, but teach them why it’s happening and how they can help their baby now and in the future.

With a background in health and wellness, as well as extensive experience working with babies with various forms of reflux, Jess prides herself on helping families get to the root cause of what’s holding their family back from the restorative and healing sleep we all need to thrive.