Toddlers. The world’s most complicated humans. From mealtime to bedtime, getting your toddler on your page can be, well, challenging. We’ve worked with hundreds of toddlers over the years, keep reading for our tips on how to handle naptime and bedtime with these little ones.

Toddlers and Naps

Some toddlers may try to convince you that they are ready to stop napping long before they actually are ready to stop napping. Don’t give up naps too soon. Although your toddler may fight naps for even up to a week, they usually are not ready to stop napping until they are older than 3 years of age. Once naps start to interfere with their nighttime sleep, that’s when you know they are getting close to not needing one every single day.

Toddlers and Sleep Skills

Despite what they may show you to the contrary, a toddler does not “unlearn” how to go to sleep. They may fight, negotiate, and bargain, but these are all behavioral and not necessarily sleep issues.  Most toddlers need 10-13 hours of nighttime sleep, depending on the toddler and the day time nap.

Toddler Bedtimes

Not all toddlers are equal, especially when it comes to sleep. Some toddlers are fine with less sleep and some start to have behavioral issues. That’s when you know their bedtime is probably too late. Start moving up your toddler’s bedtime and you may be pleasantly surprised with an attitude adjustment from your toddler!