Sleep and Teething

There seems to be a general consensus with parents that if your little one is acting a bit differently than usual, he is probably teething. And while that certainly may be the case, popping new teeth should not be the cause of countless sleepless nights for you or your child. A recent long-term study on teething took a look at the “signs and symptoms associated with primary tooth eruption”. As part of the research, dentists in Brazil visited the homes of infants believed to be teething every day for 8 months. The dentists took the babies’ temperatures, checked their gums, and talked to the parents about their infants’ behaviors. The study found what {almost} every parent can attest to: teething is “associated with sleep disturbances, drooling, rashes, runny noses, diarrhea, appetite loss, irritability, and slight rises in temperature. But the interesting thing is that these symptoms consistently occurred only on the day that a child’s tooth erupted and one day after. No symptoms regularly occurred in the days before the tooth appeared.”

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Is It Time to Drop a Nap?

When to drop a nap… The million dollar question. No mom wants to suffer the consequences of taking away a child’s nap too soon, but waiting too long can also have its downsides. So what’s a mom-on-a-schedule to do? One bad nap or even a series of bad naps does not necessarily signal that baby is “done” with naps. But it could also be exactly what it means. Signs it is time to drop a nap Read on for signs [...]

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Toddler Sleep Decoded

Toddlers. The world’s most complicated humans. From mealtime to bedtime, getting your toddler on your page can be, well, challenging. We’ve worked with hundreds of toddlers over the years, keep reading for our tips on how to handle naptime and bedtime with these little ones. Toddlers and Naps Some toddlers may try to convince you that they are ready to stop napping long before they actually are ready to stop napping. Don’t give up naps too soon. Although your toddler [...]

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Personalities and Sleep Training

Just as no two people are the same, no two babies are the same – even when they come from the same family. This is an important, and often challenging, concept for parents’ with young children to understand, especially when it comes to sleep training (or sleeping learning). However, once parents understand and embrace each child’s uniqueness, the sleep learning process can be much more successful. Parents can use the knowledge that a baby’s personality will impact the sleep training [...]

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