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All About Breastfeeding and Lactation with Becky Leonard, Part I [SS 004]

Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful part of being a mother, but are we doing it right? Is it for everyone? Does every child feed the same way? A lot of first-time mothers often wonder if this is something that they should do on their own since it is such a natural thing, or if they should seek the help and advice of someone more experienced. Becky Leonard is that person. Becky is a Certified Lactation Education Counselor and Certified Doula. She makes it her mission to show mothers that there is no right or wrong way to breastfeed. She helps educate mothers on the biology of their breast milk to ensure both baby and mommy are satisfied and bonding. Becky is the owner of Nourish Baby, a company dedicated to teaching mothers everything they need to know about breast feeding.   What You'll Learn from this Episode: The 3 stages of breast milk [...]

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Decoding Toddler Sleep with Megan Pierson [SS 003]

Toddlers are adorable but they can certainly have powerful personalities. In this episode, our resident toddler expert, Megan Pierson, joins me to chat about how best to handle sleeptime, naptime, sleep regression and transitioning to a toddler bed. What You'll Learn in This Episode: How many hours of sleep does a toddler need in a 24 hour period (18 months ? 3 years old) How long should a toddler's nap times be? What signs to look for to tell if a child is ready to drop their second nap What does a typical toddler's schedule look like? What is the most important thing about toddler sleep that parents should know How to handle a toddler who is resisting bedtime What are the biggest sleep regressions for toddlers between 18 months to 24 months How to tell when to transition your child to a toddler bed Megan's Contact Information: Toddler Shop on Email: [...]

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Swaddling, Breastfeeding, and Other Baby Sleep FAQ’s Answered [SS 002]

In this episode, I'm sharing my thoughts and answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. Questions I Respond to in This Episode: "How long should I breastfeed? I'm kind of over it" "What is sleeping through the night?" "My baby fights the swaddle. How long should I swaddle?" "Can I wake a sleeping baby?" "How can I tell if my baby is eating enough?" "Why does my baby wake up every 45 minutes?" "Why does my 5-month-old wake up all night long but isn't hungry?" at 9:15 "When should I drop a nap?" "My baby rolls over all night long" 11:19 "What do I think about the Merlin sleep suit?" "Do you believe in crying it out?" Thank you for listening! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show to receive every new episode delivered straight to your podcast player of choice. If you enjoyed this episode, please help me get the word [...]

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Welcome and 5 Fundamentals of Baby Sleep [SS 001]

Welcome to the SleepShop Podcast! I am so excited to launch this new project of mine. When I thought of how I could help more families learn how to put their babies to sleep, I immediately thought a podcast would be the best way. In this first episode, I share a little bit of background about myself, my credentials, and experience. I also chat about why I love doing what I do. Then, I share 5 things you should consider that will help get your baby to sleep through the night: Set up the right sleep environment Things to consider: Blackout curtains Sound machine Fitted sheets Temperature of the room Put your baby down awake Aim for full feedings Find the ideal wake time Establish a naptime and bedtime routine Thank you for listening! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show to receive every new episode delivered straight to your podcast player of [...]

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We have loved helping families get their little ones on more consistent schedules and sleeping through the night. There is nothing better than hearing from clients how much freedom the schedule has given them, or how happy and adjusted their baby is from being on a routine.



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