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How Caring For Yourself and Finding Your Fulfillment Makes You a Better Parent with Leslie Bruce [SS 011]

Parenting can be overwhelming so you must learn to give yourself permission to take breaks and not feel guilty about it. #1 New York Times bestselling author and award-winning entertainment journalist, Leslie Anne Bruce, joins us today to share what she has learned over the years as a mother and author of the Unpacified parenting blog. What We Cover in This Episode: You can have a bad day and still be a good parent Parenthood is about trial and error and that's ok. Nobody comes with a manual on how to be a parent. Should there always be so much guilt if moms choose to go back to work? How can you find the balance between taking care of yourself and taking care of your child? What are "Wellness Breaks" and how can taking them make you a better parent? Why some women choose to breastfeed and others bottle feed and why either choice is fine [...]

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Potty Training Tips That Get the Job Done with Megan Pierson [SS 010]

Potty training is a huge step for kids. It can also be a frustrating time for kid and parents. So what's the secret to success with potty training? That's what my guest, Megan Pierson, joins us to talk about in this episode. Megan has a Master's degree in Special Education as well as many years of experience in Childhood Development specializing in children with Autism. She uses her knowledge and experience to help other parents who find it challenging to do the little "jobs" we all have to do as parents, like sleep training and potty training. She created the sleep training/potty training manual, "Yes, You Can! A Potty Training/Toddler Sleep Manual," which offers greater insight into potty training your child and helping your toddler sleep.   Megan was previously a guest on this show in Episode 3 ? Decoding Toddler Sleep, where we talked about how to get your toddler sleeping on a [...]

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Shorten Bedtime, Sleep Routines for Newborns, and Other Q&A with Kara of Kara Loves Coco [SS 009]

I'm joined by fashion and lifestyle blogger Kara from Kara Loves Coco and she has some questions from her readers and social media followers. Questions I Answer in This Episode: How do I get my 3.5 year old to sleep past 6:00 am? How do you know when it is the appropriate age to drop nap time? How do I shorten bedtime, especially when it often takes around 2 hours to get baby down to sleep? How do I get my 6 month old to sleep through the night and/or go longer than 2 hour stretches? How can I get baby to stay fuller for longer? I pulled the pacifier and now bedtime is a complete battle. Help! How do I combat the 4 month sleep developmental interruption without crying it out? How do I establish a routine for newborns? What are best practices for putting baby down for a naptime as opposed [...]

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When All Else Fails: Tips to Put Baby to Sleep (On-Air Consult) [SS 008]

I'm joined by Kristen Schellenberg, business owner and mother of 6-month old baby Wyatt. Kristen seems to have tried various techniques to put Wyatt to sleep but none seem to be working. She tried soothing, bathing, even overfeeding. In this on-air consultation, I walk Kristen through several other techniques she can utilize to help get baby Wyatt on a consistent sleeping schedule. What We Discuss in This Episode: At 6 months old, babies are capable of self-soothing and transitioning themselves in and out of sleep You never want to rock to sleep or feed to sleep. Always try to put the baby down awake so they can look around and get comfortable with their surroundings to where they eventually feel comfortable falling asleep on their own Try spreading out feeding times during the day by 3-4 hours so when baby feeds, it is not a snack but a full hearty meal Look for indications [...]

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