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Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful part of being a mother, but are we doing it right? Is it for everyone? Does every child feed the same way?

A lot of first-time mothers often wonder if this is something that they should do on their own since it is such a natural thing, or if they should seek the help and advice of someone more experienced. Becky Leonard is that person.

Becky is a Certified Lactation Education Counselor and Certified Doula. She makes it her mission to show mothers that there is no right or wrong way to breastfeed. She helps educate mothers on the biology of their breast milk to ensure both baby and mommy are satisfied and bonding.

Becky is the owner of Nourish Baby, a company dedicated to teaching mothers everything they need to know about breast feeding.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The 3 stages of breast milk
  • Tips on how to stimulate your breast ducts to produce more milk
  • Understanding the difference between “Subjective” and “Objective” signs when it comes to feeding your baby
  • How your baby’s bowel movements can tell you a lot about whether or not they are getting enough breast milk
  • How to handle breast feeding and its highs and lows with grace


Contact Information


Instagram: @NourishBaby

Facebook: Nourish-Baby

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