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Potty training is a huge step for kids. It can also be a frustrating time for kid and parents. So what’s the secret to success with potty training? That’s what my guest, Megan Pierson, joins us to talk about in this episode.

Megan has a Master’s degree in Special Education as well as many years of experience in Childhood Development specializing in children with Autism. She uses her knowledge and experience to help other parents who find it challenging to do the little “jobs” we all have to do as parents, like sleep training and potty training. She created the sleep training/potty training manual, “Yes, You Can! A Potty Training/Toddler Sleep Manual,” which offers greater insight into potty training your child and helping your toddler sleep.  

Megan was previously a guest on this show in Episode 3 ? Decoding Toddler Sleep, where we talked about how to get your toddler sleeping on a routine.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How can you tell if your child is ready?
  • Children who are potty trained at too young of an age sometimes can regress so do not force it.
  • Do not try to potty train a child when you have too much going on in your life as the parent
  • What are some of the physical, emotional, and cognitive signs to look for to indicate that your child is ready to potty train?
  • Should you cut out diapers cold turkey?
  • Is it normal for a child of 4 to 6 years of age to still have “night wettings?”
  • When learning to potty train, should boys sit or stand?
  • How can little girls best position themselves on the toilet?
  • What are some incentives you can use as a parent while potty training your child?
  • Should you use a small potty or go straight to the big potty?

Resources Mentioned:

Megan’s “Yes, You Can! A Potty Training/Toddler Sleep Manual” 

Contact Information:


Email: Megansleepshopoc@gmail.com

Instagram: @megan_sleepshop


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