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I’m joined by Kristen Schellenberg, business owner and mother of 6-month old baby Wyatt. Kristen seems to have tried various techniques to put Wyatt to sleep but none seem to be working. She tried soothing, bathing, even overfeeding. In this on-air consultation, I walk Kristen through several other techniques she can utilize to help get baby Wyatt on a consistent sleeping schedule.

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • At 6 months old, babies are capable of self-soothing and transitioning themselves in and out of sleep
  • You never want to rock to sleep or feed to sleep. Always try to put the baby down awake so they can look around and get comfortable with their surroundings to where they eventually feel comfortable falling asleep on their own
  • Try spreading out feeding times during the day by 3-4 hours so when baby feeds, it is not a snack but a full hearty meal
  • Look for indications that baby is still hungry, such as finishing a whole bottle. That could mean the difference between a baby that sleeps through the night and one that doesn’t.
  • A lot of babies associate food with comfort, so learn to tell the difference between hunger cues and when baby just needs to be soothed
  • Baths before bed time can help to regulate the baby’s body temperature helping them to sleep better
  • The most important thing parents should do is be consistent. Keeping with a routine helps to minimize confusion for the baby
  • Should a parent let baby cry it out? It depends!

Resources Mentioned:

The Sleep Lady Shuffle” by Kim West

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