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Getting baby on a consistent napping routine can be a struggle.  Whether you are a new mommy or a third-time mommy, the challenge is different with every child.  In this episode, I bring you along on one of my consultation calls with my friend Nikki Holt, as I share my tips to help this third-time mommy with her baby’s sleep routine.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Important factors to consider when gauging how long your baby will sleep, such as the baby’s weight, age and how often they feed during the day
  • When to increase the amount of milk that baby is getting
  • Nipple size on a bottle and how it affects baby’s feeding and nap time. Does size really matter?
  • The amount of naps during the day and the duration of those naps could have a bearing on baby’s sleep at home
  • Singing and “shushing” can help baby establish independence in sleeping
  • If your baby goes to a daycare facility, can something be agreed upon between parents and child care provider to establish a routine for baby?

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