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From women trying to get pregnant, to women who are pregnant and new mommies, nutrition plays a key role in ensuring that mommy and baby are healthy and happy from day one. My guest in this episode is Kelly Leveque, a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and celebrity health coach based in Los Angeles, California. Kelly coaches mommies on how to bypass all those not-so-healthy cravings and turn them into healthier habits.


What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to cook healthy meals in 30 minutes and not spend the whole day in the kitchen
  • What type of diet and supplements women should be taking if they are trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy
  • What is the difference between Folic acid and Folate? Why is it important to know this?
  • The “Fab Four”: Protein, Fat, Fiber and Greens. How these foods can turn off your hunger hormones and give your cells what they need to produce and support a new human
  • Understanding how selenium in wild fish could help you with your Omega-3 intake without the fear of mercury poisoning and which type of fish provide more Omega-3’s
  • Knowing the meaning of Functional Medicine and how some doctors use it as preventative medicine
  • What is the difference between long-chain Omega-3 and short-chain Omega-3?
  • What to look for when buying eggs
  • How to combat morning sickness and some healthy alternatives
  • How to incorporate more protein, fat, and hydration for breastfeeding and losing baby weight post-partum.
  • Aside from nutrition, what else plays a role in helping you lose that baby weight?
  • After getting the nutrition down, how you can incorporate some workouts like Pilates and Yoga to help you get back into shape while feeling great?

Resources Mentioned: 

Kelly’s book – Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself From Food Drama Forever

Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Chris Kresser – Functional Medicine

Nordic Naturals Supplements

Vital Farms eggs

Jilz gluten free crackers

Barely Bread

New Earth supplements 

Rainbow Light supplements

Nuun tablets

Contact Information:

Instagram: @bewellbykelly

www.bewellbykelly.com or www.kellyleveque.com

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